How Build Your Team Using the DVD
This process works and is simple to follow. The key is persistence. I sponsored over a hundred people into another network using this simple system.
Step One: order yourself a copy of the £50 - £100 DVD from here
Step Two: sign up for an account here

This is the cheapest way to send letters. If you follow the link your account will be credited with £1.

Step Three: Create a list.

And that’s it. Do you agree it’s simple?

OK you now have all the elements in place, let’s get started.
You need to upload your list of contact up to the bulk mailing service here. There are instructions how to do this on their website here. I recommend using this mailing system it will save you time and money. The prices start from 25p that includes paper, printing, envelope & the stamp. You never beat that price doing yourself. Before I found this service I use to spend hours printing and stuffing envelops.

You also need to upload a copy of the letter.
Below is a copy of the letter. It’s not complete I recommend that you personalise the introduction. Your upline will be happy to help you do that

“Can I post you a free DVD? It will play on any DVD player through your TV

It tells of a unique way that ordinary people from all over the planet are making incomes in their spare time from the comfort of their own homes.

You could earn from £50 - £100 in 7 – 10 days. You are not limited to that amount. You are in control and can earn as much as you want.
They say that every picture tells a story. I've bought a small batch of DVD's that tell the simple story of this unique opportunity and I'd like to send one to you. Just request your free copy by sending me an email with your NAME & FULL POSTAL ADDRESS with the Subject Line: DVD PLEASE to:- Your email address here
Bye for now
Your name here
Your address here (recommended but optional)”

Do you agree it’s simple?

It will take a week or so for your first batch of letters to be delivered. Once a prospect requests the DVD send this letter with the DVD

It’s here your DVD from
Many thanks for requesting our DVD. It takes less than 10 minutes to watch so settle down with a cup of coffee. Make sure that you watch all sections.

You’ll see a remarkable income opportunity – all the more remarkable because it is so simple.

To make lots of money you need to have what people are already buying –– and you can now show them how to get it for a better value!

The business (it’s actually too simple to call it a business) can be worked many ways in whatever time you have available.

I am working it part-time but have had more interest in this than in anything I have done over the last 10 years. That’s why I say it’s a remarkable opportunity.

After watching the DVD go to

If, after watching the DVD, you are not interested in increasing your income at the moment then keep these details safe for you can always contact us later. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme – it’s a get rich slowly scheme! It’s been here for over 6 years and it will still be around when you are ready to get going. You’ll get no pressure from me.

Or you can pass on the DVD to your partner, friend, neighbour, or work colleague, as they may be ready to do it now. If they are, join first and then introduce them.

But right now – watch the DVD.

Any questions you have will be answered on the website at

Best Regards

As I said the key to this is presentence. Don’t sit and wait for something to happen. You’ll be surprised how slow prospects can be to reply.

Once you have sent out your first batch of letters you need to do two things. The first is to send another batch. Keep feeding your list. If you need ideas on how to build lists consult with your upline.  You should aim to send a batch of letters every week or two. Your persistence will pay off.

The second thing you need to do is follow up the prospects that have requested the DVD. There are many ways to do this. You can make a note to send an email. I personally use an auto responder to do this for me. If you sign up here I can send you a copy of all of the email directly in to your account. You can test the auto responder here
If you use the auto responder and the mailing service, you’ll almost be running on auto pilot.