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Welcome to my page

My name is Sue Pearson. I am a single Mum and my lovely son Christopher is now 20 and off to University this Autumn.

I have been involved in network marketing for a few years now, I first got involved with Network  Marketing when I realised that I would require a residual income to replace the Pension that I do not have.


I joined a program that I am still involved with and began a HUGE learning curve.


I had met and become great friends with many people because of my other network business and this lead to me joining FM.

Actually it took me quite a while to join.... Gary Skinner and I used to have monthly chats on the phone, exchanging ideas and sharing what was working for us.

Gary started telling me about this company FM that he had joined, but to be honest I wasn't really interested, I have a very busy life and did not see where I would get the time to handle another business.

One day a had a massive nudge when one of my team members from my other NM business said he wanted to join FM and would I join 1st so that he could keep me as his sponsor.

Naturally I joined and started to have a proper look at the business. WOW,WOW,WOW. The penny finally dropped for me as I realised just exactly what a fantastic product we have here.


When I look at a NM business,

I want first to see that there is a big demand for the product.

Secondly I look at the pay plan and the stability of the company.

Thirdly I look at the people who are doing well and what they are doing to achieve this.... can I do the same?


One of the great things about being involved with FM Perfumes, FM Cosmetics and FM Home products, is that there is no HUGE learning curve to tackle here.

It is truly simple to make money with these products. You do not have to be an internet guru, and you do not have to be a salesman. It is the simplicity that makes it work.

You can chose the pace, there is nobody shouting at you to get a move on, But lots of support from other team members, your sponsor and your upline... right up to the top.Everybody is there to help you.


If you would like to speak to me further about the FM Business, please drop me an email at or call me on 0800 0432160 Calls Welcome 9am to 8pm Alternatively if you are just looking to join or read more information about the company please go to


Thanks for reading