Thank you for visiting my page on the Talking Riches Team Support Site.


My name is Steve Lightfoot. I joined the FM group in April 2010. I have been involved in network marketing for a many years now, I first got involved with Network Marketing when I realised that I could acquire a residual income. I do not have a Pension, I thought this was a great way to secure my financial future!


When my friend Ian Apperly showed the FM opportunity to me, I was already working another successful MLM and working in full time employment. I had very little time to get involved in a new venture, but I joined because I trusted Ian. He said FM was working for him!


I did nothing at first and every week or so. Ian would tell me how well things were going for him. I was missing out on this great opportunity as I hadn’t even spoken to anybody about it.


The first thing I thought was “Perfume” I don’t know the first thing about perfume, and who’s going to buy perfume from me?


However the more Ian told me about FM I realized that it was something I could do.....And I will find time to fit this into my busy life style.


I am now actively working on promoting FM and the great thing about FM is anybody can do it! There are numerous ways to make an income. No stock to carry, you DON'T have to be a salesman, and NO MONTHLY targets to meet. You choose your own pace, and there’s nobody shouting at you to get a move on.


There is lots of support from other team members, your sponsor and your upline... right up to the top. Everybody is there to help you.


Just remember you will be in business for yourself and not by yourself!


I am now building a team under me and am looking forward to what the future holds.


If you would like to speak to me further about the FM Business, please drop me an email at or call me on 07932 150170 alternatively if you are just looking to join or read more information about the company please go to


Don’t delay like I did, you never know it may be the best thing you ever did!


Thanks for reading