Hi All

My name is Ian Apperly. I am married to Kelly and live in Southend Essex

I have  three girls,one boy Hayley  19,Rachael ,12,Hannah,10,Michael ,16

I've been involved in network marketing  since 2007

I've spent thousands on mlm

But i was given a link from paul join this Ian

And I did.Ive only been doing the fm perfume  since march 22th 2010

And I reach 3% already . You do not need any skills to do this

Any one can do this its very simple and all you need is a kit

You can earn money if you put time in

I met David and Marilynn in April of this year

Wow they only been in the company  since July 2009

And they are at pearl position

That amazing .That has made me think there is serious money involved in fm perfume

And the best part I found there is team work out there every one in fm is friendly like your family.

Never found anything like this in my life

Email if would like any help or info

Mobile 07548505972

Home 01702 512871