My name is Gary Skinner. I joined the FM group in the summer of 2009. I must say how easy it is to make money from. FM perfume has to be the best system that I have found to make extra income from...

When my friend David showed the FM opportunity to me I was ready to say no to him. I kept trying to put off meeting up with him. I was already working another successful MLM. Every week or so David would tell me how well things were going for him... One Friday evening I agreed to meet him. I thought he is my friend I’ll be polite listen to what he had to say and make my excuses not to join.

The first thing David told it was perfume that he was selling.. Great I thought I don’t know the first thing about perfume, that’s my excuse. I can’t even smell it.. (I lost my sense of smell many years ago). Still I am bloke who’s gonna buy perfume from me?

I have very little spare time I work a full time job run another company at the weekends how could I possible fit this in as well...

However the more I found out about FM I realized that it was something I could do.. I haven’t looked back... My first ever sale was easy... I was getting my haircut.. I asked my hairdresser if she would take a look at my sample kit... By the time I left the shop I had an order for about £300. Yes it really is that easy..

I now have a team under me, I work with them to build the businesses.. I have set up number of tools to help: this website is one such... All team members reaching a certain criteria are placed within a rotator.. Meaning that if a visitor want to know more about FM and clicks on get more info link, the prospect is directed to one of my downline... This is fairly shared with the team...


I have also built a forum.. We all help and support each other


I would like to welcome you to the team if you want to know more about the FM group opportunity please visit my FM site..


Gary Skinner..