Hello… and thank you for visiting my page. My name is David Hovell and I am married with two grown up daughters and three fabulous grandsons. I am 62 years old, semi retired and live in beautiful North Wales.


I have been involved in home based / network marketing businesses on and off for well over twenty years. To be absolutely honest I have never had any real success with any of my business ventures…which I now realize was primarily due to the fact that I hadn’t found the right product or Company. I was all ready to call it a day when I received a telephone call from a colleague from one of my previous network marketing opportunities. She told me about FM Group Perfumes & Fragrances and my initial reaction was to turn it down. I investigated the opportunity in greater detail and realized it was just what I had been looking for after so many years.


I subsequently joined in December 2009 and it has turned out to be the best decision I have ever made.  


When looking at a business opportunity there are three important factors you should consider after first satisfying yourself regarding the Company’s credentials. The three factors to consider are

1) Is it simple?

2) Does it work?

3) Can I do it?  


The FM Group Opportunity absolutely ticks all three boxes! To find out more about this wonderful opportunity, please visit my website at or give me a call on 01244 545749 for a no obligation, informal chat.