Hi all,

My name is Darren Fox-Hall and I am married to Fiona with a 2 year old daughter Gemma and we live in the lovely rural side of South Lincolnshire.


I run my own computer consultancy business, which over the years has see the tough times of recession which is hitting small business like mine, but managed to wade through the muddy waters and get some focus out of the other side. But it doesn’t give me the freedom I want, which is to spend more time with Gemma. I sometimes work 60-70 hours a week.


I have been involved in Network Marketing for a couple of years and been in business that died of death very quickly or I didn’t get the help to guide me or support me on my way.

Sue Person contacted me and told me about FM. At first I thought not another Network Marketing business, not another program to sell hard to people, to at least get them interested and try and sell them something! I was getting tired of spamming emails and calls from people asking me to join something, but I knew Sue would trawl the internet and go through 100s of pages of information before joining herself, so I thought she might have found something special… How right she was J

Then she told me it was selling perfumes and aftershaves and I just laughed! I can’t do that; I can’t sell to save my life…. How wrong I would be….:)


We I thought I try it and joined and did nothing much for 2 months…

Then Sue sent me some more information and how others in her TEAM where doing. Just showing to their friends and family, not going out door to door, not standing on street corners and trying to stop everyone that walks by..  Just by simply showing them, letting them ‘sniff’ and then the product sells it self.


I started to get excited and with the great TEAM support I started to show people. In my next month I went to 3% which is the first level and then the month after that I went to the second level at 6%. Just doing what I learnt, to show people and let the product sell itself. FM also has home products, which we now use in our home and all the quality of the products are second to none.


To be blunt, it is REALLY simple to do this business. You don’t need a sales degree, or anything like that, just the get up and go to earn money and have fun too. Join us today and you get the full support and guidance of the TEAM, like no other I have experienced.

Just remember you in business for yourself and not by yourself.

If you want to know more, please feel free to call me on 0800 0434 250 or email me at You can always have a look at my site

Thanks for stopping by