Hello my name is Katie Hawkins and I have been a FM distributor since May 2010.


What I like most about being a distributor is that I can do it as and when it suits me. I am 21 and have just finished working at a school and am heading off to University in October of this year to study Psychology with Special and Inclusive Education.


I am a friendly and social person who enjoys being around family friends, which was the best thing to help me start my business. I found as soon as a few people had smelt the perfumes and made their purchases the perfumes just sold themselves. My friends and family telling their friends and family etc. I then I branched out and told colleagues at work and that then had the same snowball effect. So it really is that easy, the product is such a high quality product and such a good price it does really do all the selling for you.


I am also a Life guard and swimming teacher so I found this as another out let of people to sell my perfumes too, so it really is that easy if you have family and friends and work colleagues then your good to go.


I found all the help I could need and more with my sponsor and the up wards chain, everyone is in the business to help each other and make sure each other succeeds not just out for themselves as other company’s are. This then gives you such a positive attitude about it that you can’t help but enjoy the work and want to keep selling more.    


Katie Hawkins