Brand New Promotional DVD Now Available. This is currently on limited to my downline.

Please check with your sponsor if I am in your upline. There is a charge to cover expenses. Please ensure that you have read the terms of use.

You agree to the following terms. Any breach in the terms and a usage fee of £5,000 will apply.


The DVD has been created as a team advantage. It is therefore important that we protect the usage. You are granted with a license to your the content subject to these terms. You do not own the content of the DVD/Video. These terms and conditions are granting you the  rights to use the DVD to promote your FM business.


You are free to send copies to prospects. You can not charge prospects for the the DVD


You may publish the Video on any website owned by you. This includes your own blog. The video MUST NOT be available to download. YOU must ensure that it cannot be embedded on another website. The best way to protect yourself is to watermark the video.


You can not publish the DVD on sites such as youtube and any video sharing site without written permission of the copyright owner “Gary Skinner”


You can share this with your downline but not cross-line or upline. You can not charge your downline for copies.


You CAN NOT sell copies of the DVD on ebay or any similar site


These measures are to help protect your advantage.


I reserve the right to withdraw the use of the video at anytime. If this becomes necessary you must remove any video from any website(s). This will be at your own expense. No refunds will be issued in the event of withdrawal.


You are entirely responsible to ensure that the content is accurate. You use the DVD at your own risk.


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